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Green Metric of Diponegoro University

09/09/2014 – 07:09 | One Comment

December 2013, Green metric ranking of Diponegoro University (Undip) was at the third rank at national level after UI dan IPB and at 47 rank at the World level. This was a great achievement since …

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New Undip’s Students have been Compulsory Carrying the Tree

09/09/2014 – 07:33 | One Comment

As have been done since 2011, new students of Undip of 2014 are obliged to carry a greening tree like trembesi, mahoni, mangos and other fruit tress and to be planted at the beginning of October when rainy season comes. In 2014, the number of new students are 10 326 students.


Car Free Day in Undip’s Campus

08/09/2014 – 07:13 | One Comment

Earth Day celebrated every April 22nd, and Environment Day celebrated every June 5th. Undip Environmental Community at campus has also been organizing car free day CFD in campus (usually every Friday). This activity is intended to …

Diponegoro’s Dam

07/09/2014 – 08:30 | One Comment

In October or November 2014, Diponegoro’s Dam at Undip Campus is scheduled to be finished. This dam is intended to reduce the flood at downstream, to be field laboratory for civil engineering, environmental engineering and …

Kalpataru for Sudharto

07/09/2014 – 07:27 | One Comment

On June 11st, 2013, Prof. Sudharto P. Hadi, Rector of Diponegoro University, was awarded Kalpataru from Governor of Central Java. On June 5th, he received a certificate as finalist of Kalpataru Award from the Ministry …

Integrated Waste Management at Undip

06/09/2014 – 08:42 |

In November 2014, integrated waste management is scheduled to be finished. This facility is expected to manage solid waste from all units within the campus and will be managed by Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty …

Waste Water Management

06/09/2014 – 08:34 |

To keep the quality of water flows to Diponegoro’s Dam, two students of Civil Engineering Department under supervision of Dr Suseno Darsono has designed domestic waste water coming from settlement along Krengseng river. The proposel …

Biogas Production at Department of Chemical Engineering and Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture

05/09/2014 – 07:52 |

Department of Chemical Engineering (Faculty of Engineering) utilized waste coming from the cafe’s kitchen converted to be bio-gas for self energy utilisation in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture utilized feces of cow …

SEE Forum / Forel Activities

04/09/2014 – 18:04 |